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Hoof Butter

The Blissful Horse

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The Blissful Horses Hoof Butter | All Natural - .50 oz Tube

Handcrafted Moisturizing Herbal Balm

Hoof Butter is your all-purpose, go-to balm for moisturizing, soothing your horse's hoof and frog area. Hoof Butter moisturizes, replenishes and nourishes hooves...naturally!

Hoof Butter is individually handcrafted right here in far, FAR northern Minnesota, using all natural and organic good stuff: Shea Butter, Castor Oil, Olive Oil, Argan Oil, Neem Oil, Almond Oil, Coconut Oil, Beeswax, Avocado Oil, Cocoa Seed Butter, Comfrey Oil Infusion, St. John's Wort Oil Infusion, Chamomile Oil Infusion, Calendula Oil Infusion, a Dash of Essential Oils and Love.

Usage: Dab Hoof Butter onto your horse's hoof and the frog and rub it in as best you can.

Reapply as needed.