2022 Coloring Sheets

Happy Halloween!

Welcome to the Tanya's Tack Shack VIP Group coloring contest! 

Starts: 10/9/2022
Ends: 10/30/2022

To participate:

  • Pick one of the coloring sheets from the choices below
  • Print the coloring sheet from the link
  • Create a masterpiece!
  • Put the contestant's name and age on the finished coloring sheet
  • Take a picture of the completed coloring sheet and post to the thread for the coloring contest on Tanya's Tack Shack Facebook VIP group https://www.facebook.com/groups/2720110171598359/

Coloring sheets:


Pumpkin Man

Haunted House



For each age group, there are 3 prizes:

  • $20 commentsold store credit & candy
  • $10 commentsold store credit & candy
  • $5 commentsold store credit & candy

There are three age groups:

  • 10 & Under
  • 11-18
  • Over 18